Instructional Course: Primary posterior capsulorhexis: indications and surgical techniques

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Video Title: Instructional Course: Primary posterior capsulorhexis: indications and surgical techniques


The speakers will cover different aspects of posterior capsulorhexis based on video presentations including theoretical considerations about the clinical benefit of PPCCC. Posterior capsulorhexis was introduced by H. Gimbel and T. Neuhann in the nineties to correct for inadvertent posterior capsule tearing during phacoemulsification. PPCCC has been proposed since as primary surgical step in the presence of posterior capsule plaque and in case of primary or secondary paediatric cataract surgery (R. Stegmann). These conditions have become standard indications for PPCCC with or without the use of kenacort to define vitreolenticular interface anomalies as can be found in children and adults. However, during the last decade PPCCC has been used routinely for the implantation of the bag-in-the-lens implant. Four different surgeons (Robert Stegmann, Christian Billotte, Tobias Neuhann, Marie-José Tassignon) will develop their experience on PPCCC with or without the implantation of a monofocal bag-in-the-lens or toric bag-in-the-lens or following the optic capture technique.


02.05 – 28.35 Robert Stegmann: Posterior capsulorhexis in children and traumatic cases following optic capture technique
29.00 – 1.05.50 Marie-Jose Tassignon: Primary Posterior Capsulorhexis
1.06.02 – 1.27.55 Christian Billotte: Posterior Capsulorhexis and IOL implantation
1.28.04 – 1.51.20 Tobias Neuhann: Indications of Bag In The Lens

Presenter/Interviewer:Marie-Jose Tassignon is the course leader

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