EyeJC: Episode 11

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Video Title: EyeJC: Episode 11


Hosts Basak Bostanci (Turkey) and Imran Yusuf (UK) are joined by guest experts Simonetta Morselli (Italy) and Alex Day (UK) to discuss the (open access) paper: Erichsen, Jesper H. MD; Forman, Julie L. MSc, PhD; Holm, Lars M. MD, PhD; Kessel, Line MD, PhD Effect of anti-inflammatory regimen on early postoperative inflammation after cataract surgery, Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery: March 2021 – Volume 47 – Issue 3 – p 323-330 doi: 10.1097/j.jcrs.0000000000000455

Presenter/Interviewer:Imran Yusuf, Basak Bostanci, Simonetta Morselli, Alex Day

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