EyeJC ESCRS Journal Club Episode 15

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Video Title: EyeJC ESCRS Journal Club Episode 15


EyeJC (The ESCRS Journal Club) with Artemis Matsou (Greece) and Basak Bostanci (Turkey).

Our guest experts Prof Miltos Balidis from Greece and Prof Roberto Bellucci from Italy will discuss the following paper:

Outcomes of cataract surgery with toric intraocular lens implantation after keratoplasty
Pellegrini, Marco MD1,2,3; Furiosi, Luca MD1,2,3; Yu, Angeli Christy MD1,2,3; Giannaccare, Giuseppe MD, PhD4; Scuteri, Gianfranco MD4; Gardeli, Ioanna MD1,2,5; Busin, Massimo MD1,2,3; Bovone, Cristina MD1,2,3; Spena, Rossella MD.1,2,3


Presenter/Interviewer:Artemis Matsou, Basak Bostanci, Miltos Balidis and Roberto Bellucci

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