MIGS: The Evidence-Based Approach – Preview webinar ESCRS Amsterdam 2021

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Video Title: MIGS: The Evidence-Based Approach – Preview webinar ESCRS Amsterdam 2021


The variety of MIGS (MIcroincisional Glaucoma Surgery) procedures is constantly expanding. Being widely adopted in some countries, the others are lagging behind with introduction of these procedures into clinical practice. The barriers including confusing variety of options and surgical techniques (ab interno, suprachoroidal, eb externo, etc), optimal patient selection algorithms, absence of clear understanding of results longevity, proper patient management strategies, etc. As the number of available MIGS publications is growing significantly, there is a definite need for the clear and evidence-based analysis of the available MIGS procedures helping the surgeons to pave the way towards safer and more effective treatment of patients with cataract and glaucom

Speakers: Luis Abegão Pinto and Julian Garcia Feijoo

Moderators: Boris Malyugin, Carrroll Webers and Sava Barisic

Presenter/Interviewer:Luis Abegão Pinto, Julian Garcia Feijoo, Boris Malyugin, Carrroll Webers, Sava Barisic

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