Corneal Topography – Cynthia Roberts

Dan Epstein talks to Cynthia Roberts about what’s new in corneal topography and also some of the misconceptions and misinterpretations when talking about topography. For more information on┬áCorneal Topography visit iLearn for a course directed by Prof Roberts.

Tue 09 Oct 2018
(8) Principles of refractive index shaping of IOLs with femtosecond laser

Postoperative power adjustment of IOLs is a new indication for the femtosecond laser. It is important to be aware of the specifics of the system used, as well as the basic principles of this technology.

Mon 08 Oct 2018
(9) Flap vs Flapless: Devil’s advocate

An exploration into the debate between LASIK and SMILE

Mon 08 Oct 2018
(1) Introduction to VJCRS XXXIV Issue 2, 2018

This issue will focus on the outstanding scientific videos of the last year.

Mon 08 Oct 2018
(5) Observation of anterior chamber with a slitlamp microscope during cataract surgery

Although the great majority of ophthalmologists systematically use a slitlamp for the clinical diagnosis of ocular diseases, they neglect this instrument as soon as they enter the operating room. However, a surgical slitlamp that can be attached to the operating microscope and positioned at 5 degrees from the axis is also available. Take a look […]

Mon 08 Oct 2018
Stress management during cataract surgery – Boris Malyugin

Richard Packard talks to Boris Malyugin about how to reduce stress during cataract surgery.

Mon 22 Oct 2018
(3) Spectroscopic revelation

Does Trypan Blue reduce CCC tear resistance? The authors attempt to find out

Mon 08 Oct 2018
DALK versus CCXL for post-LASIK ectasia – Roberto Bellucci

George Kymionis talks to Roberto Bellucci about current approaches to the problem of post-Lasik ectasia.

Mon 08 Oct 2018
(6) New propeller turbo tip for torsional PEA

This exceptional video was the Grand Prize Winner at the ESCRS 2017 Video Competition. The video describes a new phaco tip, which even though has a straight profile, works well with torsional phacoemulsification, which normally requires a curved tip to work efficiently. In this new tip, a bar is placed across the mouth of the […]

Mon 08 Oct 2018
(4) Prevention of anterior capsulorhexis contraction

Anterior Capsulorhexis Contraction (ACC) is an unavoidable complication of cataract surgery. ACC impairs visual function on proportion to the degree of severity. The authors of this video have found that one type of IOL causes much less ACC than others.

Mon 08 Oct 2018
Contiguous corneal delamination for giant OSSN

Contiguous corneal delamination for giant OSSN is very difficult to treat effectively. This video shows some practical techniques for success with minimally invasive corneal resection.

Tue 20 Aug 2019
(2) Management of cataract associated with PHPV

Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous (PHPV) is a congenital anomaly in which the hyaloid vasculature persists beyond fetal life.

Mon 08 Oct 2018