(3) Stodulka: “New laser approach for capsulotomy”

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Video Title: (3) Stodulka: “New laser approach for capsulotomy”


This film overviews the new CAPSULaser system for laser capsulotomy, a lower-cost alternative to Femtosecond Laser. It is mounted directly under the microscope. The capsulotomy is completed in just 1 second.In a clinical cohort of 50 eyes the CAPSULaser created a perfectly circular capsulotomy in all of them.

This video also demonstrates the implantation of the Oculentis FEMTIS IOL, which has been designed for optic fixation within the capsulotomy opening.

Presenter/Interviewer:This video is from Prof. PAvel Stodulka, Czech Republic

Video Category: Vol XXXIV Issue 1, 2018

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