Volume XXXV Issue 1, 2019

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Video Title: Volume XXXV Issue 1, 2019


Dr. Bob Osher brings us the latest issue of the Video Journal of Cataract, Refractive & Glaucoma Surgery.

This issue covers the history and evolution of zonular surgery.

You will find videos from surgeons such as:

Sergio Canabrava (Brazil) on the Double Flanged technique
Roger Steinert (USA) on re-positioning and stabilisation of in-the-bag intraocular lens
Timothy Page (USA) on suture-guided capsular tension ring insertion to reduce the risk of iatrogenic zonular damage
Tun Kuan Yeo (Singapore) on overcoming the fear of falling
Fernando Gonzalez del Valle (Spain) on New surgical approach to treat the complete luxation of the crystalline lens preserving the capsular bag

Presenter/Interviewer:The latest issue presented by Bob Osher

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