(15) Stuck!

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Video Title: (15) Stuck!


The author showcases a challenging case of phaco in a hypermature brunescent cataract with a calcified anterior capsule using Zepto to complete anterior capsularrhexis without any complications. The trials and tribulations which follow are shown.

The Zepto capsularrhexis made a clear cut CCC however the suction ring temporarily got stuck to the anterior capsule and the video shows the precarious position of the surgeon struggling to dislodge the vacuum created in a case which demanded a multifocal IOL to match the first eye. How the suction ring (post a successful ccc ) was removed and phacoemulsification completed with implantation of a multifocal IOL was demonstrated

Presenter/Interviewer:Nandini Ray (India)

Video Category: Vol XXXIV Issue 3, 2018

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