(16) Injection episiotomy

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Video Title: (16) Injection episiotomy


This video aims at elaborating an uncommon but not rare cataract procedure complication of IOL haptic entrapment within the injector and a newer technique to successfully salvage the IOL without damage.

IOL haptic entrapment within the injector happens accidentally if loading process was faulty or surprisingly without reasons. Often it is the trailing haptic that gets entangled resulting in fracture of the concerned haptic and decentration of IOL which depresses the surgeon and demands alternatives like explanation and implantation of a newer IOL, or a reverse optic capture fixation. The stress on the surgeon may force to pull the haptic off the stuck zone which may again lead to haptic and corneal damages. Retrograde cartridge-injector relaxations (injector episiotomies) could salvage these circumstances.

A newer technique of retrograde cartridge-injector relaxations with scissors (injector episiotomies) is demonstrated that releases the IOL haptic without any damage to IOL or the cornea in a video-based learning course

Presenter/Interviewer:Lionel Daniel Raj Pooniah (India)

Video Category: Vol XXXIV Issue 3, 2018

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