(3) Three implants in one capsule

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Video Title: (3) Three implants in one capsule


Postraumatic cataract with plegic pupil, partial loss of zonula and BCVA=0,1 was indicated for cataract surgery in November 2017. Primary plan was intracapsular cataract extraction, lasso suture of plegic pupil and iris claw IOL implantation. Because zonula was relatively stable and phacoemulsification was successful, the tension ring for capsule stabilization was used and IOL and hand painted acrylic stenopeic membrane Noviris were implanted into the capsule. No inflammatory complications or intraocular pressure increase were observed after surgery – UCVA = 1,0 3 months after surgery.

Presenter/Interviewer:Jan Novak (Czech Republic)

Video Category: Vol XXXIV Issue 3, 2018

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