(9) Pre-existing posterior capsule opening

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Video Title: (9) Pre-existing posterior capsule opening


A 38 year old gentleman, presents with a traumatic cataract, with no evidence of subluxation nor any zonular dehiscence while detailed slit lamp examination,but an obvious large central posterior subcapsular rent. After a successful rhexis, the hydodissection step was omitted and slow phacoaspiration bimanual technique all 360 degrees was done with low parameters. This was successfully done without touching the posterior capsule. Then triamcolone stain was used to see the vitreous strands in the anterior chamber and after anterior vitrectomy a three piece hydrophilic IOL was implanted 90 degree to the PCR for better IOL stability.

Presenter/Interviewer:Sonu Goel (India)

Video Category: Vol XXXIV Issue 3, 2018

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