Complications of Ophthalmic Anesthesia: A Career Odyssey

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Video Title: Complications of Ophthalmic Anesthesia: A Career Odyssey


This video gives a different point of view to cataract surgery. Every surgical procedure needs some sort of anesthesia.

Robert Osher recalls a tragic experience that led him to re-evaluate and give greater importance to the use of different anesthesia procedures for every patient.

Several critical examples are provided.

Do you give enough thought to your decisions regarding anesthesia? Have any instances lead you to change your habits? Comment on your experiences below the video.

Presenter/Interviewer:Vittorio Picardo (Italy) introduces this video from Robert OSher (USA)

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2 thoughts on “Complications of Ophthalmic Anesthesia: A Career Odyssey”

  1. Enrico Bertelli says:

    Great contribution Robert. Perfect ending.
    Thank you

  2. Miguel Ángel Gil Arnal says:

    A very useful information

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