New Propeller Turbo Tip for torsional PEA

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Video Title: New Propeller Turbo Tip for torsional PEA


This exceptional video from Dr. Tadahiko Kozawa (Japan) was the Grand Prize Winner at the ESCRS 2017 Video Competition.

The video describes a new phaco tip, which even though has a straight profile, works well with torsional phacoemulsification, which normally requires a curved tip to work efficiently. In this new tip, a bar is placed across the mouth of the flared phaco tip. When ultrasonic power is activated the bar moves in a manner which enables the removal of nuclear tissue. There appears to be less turbulence created when using this new tip, which should make it more tissue friendly. It also appears less likely to break the posterior capsule.

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Presenter/Interviewer:Richard Packard introduces this video

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