The DMEK Kite

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Video Title: The DMEK Kite


This video shows the first in human trial using a novel DMEK punch to create a DMEK graft with a pedicle, which helps control graft orientation, unrolling, centration and holding with gas.

The novel punch was used to create a 7.5mm graft with a 3x1mm pedicle. The graft was inserted and the trail extravasated. The graft was unrolled and the pedicle was trimmed at the end of the case. The graft was attached in 4 of 5 cases and 1 required rebubbling. All patients achieved 6/12 vision or better. The ECD will be reported. No epithelial ingrowth was seen at the pedicle at 6 months.

This novel DMEK punch allows the creation of the graft that offers surgeon greater control during surgery.

Presenter/Interviewer:Jorge Alio (Spain) introduces this video from Chandra Bala (Australia)

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