The “double pit” technique for rock hard nuclei

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Video Title: The “double pit” technique for rock hard nuclei


Ekkehard Fabian introduces this video from Dr. Sergio Jacobovitz from Brazil, which discusses the major problem of the rock hard cataract in surgery.

Presenter/Interviewer:Dr. Ekkehard Fabian

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8 thoughts on “The “double pit” technique for rock hard nuclei”

  1. Hiral Patel says:

    very nice

  2. steven renier says:

    very nice approach. Are these choppers commercially available?

  3. Van Acker says:

    Who’s gonna manufacture and sell the device?

  4. Simon Abrahami MD says:

    beautiful and efficient technique.
    please publish the name of the chopper you used.

  5. Dylan Jones says:

    Very elegant. Like everyone else watching, I now want to know where to get the Retractor (R) Knife (K) Cracker(C) instrument. Is anyone making them for you yet?

  6. Ehab Alsirhy says:

    Nice performance.
    As we always telling the assistant the phaco art is art of vaccum control not the art of power.
    When the nucleus fragment being cemented (strongly attached) to the phaco tip. You chop it in the way you like.
    So, no place for rotation to happen with bimaual cracking regardless of the chopper type, but only if you catch it well. But your new chopper is worth to be tried.

  7. Sergio Jacobovitz says:

    Dear Colleagues,

    Thank you for your kind words and comments.
    Answering some questions:
    This new Multifunctional RKC chopper (Jacobovitz chopper) has been invented, patented and developed by me along these last three years. (I would suggest watching the video “The symmetric bimanual phacofragmentation: a new preslice technique” which explains better the concept of this new device).
    The New Chopper is not yet commercially available but we have been talking to some companies which are interested in producing and commercializing it. I am very confident that soon we will have it available for all interested cataract’s surgeons.
    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.
    Sergio Jacobovitz

  8. Jorge Montes says:

    Is this commercially available now?

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