Instructional Course: Intraocular suturing

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Video Title: Instructional Course: Intraocular suturing


This course was recorded at the ESCRS Congress in Copenhagen, 2016

Course Objectives:
To illustrate the different methods of intraocular suturing, including the techniques and knot construction, To describe the indications for intraocular suturing, including iris laceration, ciliary body dialysis, lens dislocation and subluxation and some other rare indications in adults and children through video demonstration of example cases.
To discuss training and education.


02.46 – 17.59 Mostafa Elgohary: Introduction, indications & principles
18.00 – 37.39 Asim Ali: Paediatric cases & training
39.30 – 1.02.41 Allon Barsam: Intraocular lens suturing in patients who are aphakic
1.02.59 – 1.20.30 Mani Boghal: Rescuing the dislocated IOL
1.22.40 – 1.29.20 Mostafa Elgohary: Considering alternatives
1.22.40 – 2.01.35 Oleg Unguryanov: Retention sutures in cataract surgery combined with lens subluxation

Presenter/Interviewer:Mostafa Elgohary is the course leader

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