Phaco techniques and complications

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Video Title: Phaco techniques and complications


This course covers a spectrum of safe and effective current surgical techniques as well as challenges and complications. The presentations are supported by high quality video throughout. Topics include some important basics such as chopping techniques and cracking rocks as well as microincision phaco. The management of challenging cases and complications includes the small pupil, rhexis tear-out rescue, zonular dehiscence and CTR’s. The preparation and uses of triamcinolone are covered in detail together with advice on the techniques for successful anterior vitrectomy. Lastly the theory is put to practice with panel and audience discussion of case videos demonstrating some challenging cases and difficult complications.
02.04 – 18.55 Florian Sutter; A structured approach to complication management
19.02 – 37.05 Dusan Pusnik: Management of the floppy iris: atrophic iris and phaco surgery
37.40 – 1.01.20 Suhas Haldipurker: Difficult nuclei
1.01.38 – 1.18.20 John Bolger: Management of posterior capsule rupture
1.18.30 – 1.36.30 Petra Schollmayer: IOL exchange
1.36.31- 2.05.01 Phil Harvey: Self-inflicted complications

Presenter/Interviewer:John Bolger is the course leader

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